Four Reasons to Get Paintless Dent Repair in Winchester, VA

by | Jan 6, 2014 | Parts and Accessories

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In previous times, when an automobile was dented as a result of an accident, storm, or other cause, the owner would have to pay for services that included removing the dents and repainting the car. However, today there are certified auto body technicians who can complete dent repair without the need to repaint the car. Paintless dent repair has become very popular for car owners looking to repair their car after it has been damaged. Hiring a professional for dent repair in Winchester VA can return the car to its previous condition and increase its overall value. Other benefits to this form of dent repair include:

Factory Finish

The process of paintless dent repair includes massaging the metal so that it fits back into its original shape. To do this, the technician uses rods and gentle hammering. Once completed, as long as the dent was not too severe, the original paint job should restore itself to new.

Less Time

The older method for dent removal was a long, drawn out process. It could take several days to get the dents out, sand down all the affected areas on the vehicle, and then repaint them. New techniques allow technicians to get the job done in just a few hours because there is no need to paint once the dents have been removed.

Saves Money

Many car owners shell out the most money on the paint job after having dents removed from their car. When trying to get the same quality of paint as the manufacturers’ original work, expensive and high quality paint will need to be used. However, because the paint job has been cut out altogether, car owners stand to save as much as 50% – 75% on the price of the repairs.

Increases Value

If, at any point a car owner should decide to resale their vehicle, the price value of the car increases significantly as a result of a decent paint job and a smooth body. By obtaining professional dent repair, a vehicle that is ten years old can look like it just pulled off the lot.

If your car is currently in bad shape on the exterior, schedule an appointment with an expert on dent repair in Winchester VA. They will have the resources to restore your vehicle to new and get you back on the road and feeling confident.

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