Frameless Glass Shower Door in Indianapolis, IN

Styling a bathroom with a frameless glass shower door in Indianapolis, IN, will add flair and style to any bathroom. Frameless glass shower doors add elegance to a shower stall, and character to a bathroom. Because they are made with beautiful tempered glass, they are not only stylish but also very durable. Dr. Shower Door and Mirror LLC are experts at installing frameless glass shower doors, and they have the experience necessary to properly fit them into any bathroom. Customers can rely on them to create a bathroom that will provide the functionality they need, and the gorgeous looking bathroom they are searching for.

Dr. Shower Door and Mirror LLC is licensed and insured, with years of experience replacing and installing frameless glass shower doors. Before they start a project, they offer their customers free estimates and consultations to map out the design of the shower door, and to examine the interior of the bathroom. For customers who need replacement shower doors, they will remove their existing shower door and haul it off the premises free of charge.

A frameless glass shower door is not supported by a frame, and it must be installed correctly to minimize risk because the door has to support itself without any outside help. When a customer wants a frameless glass shower door in Indianapolis, IN it is important to hire professional installers to perform the job. Professional installers will ensure their customer’s doors are installed properly using the correct measurements, and the right type of materials and hardware accessories to secure the door and make certain it will last a long time. Dr. Shower Door and Mirror LLC also offers their customers free decorative pull handles and hinges when they purchase a frameless glass shower door as a courtesy for their business.

Beautifying a bathroom is made simple by Dr. Shower Door and Mirror LLC. Customers can also rely on them to perform maintenance and repairs for their doors after installation, and they educate their customers on the best way to care for their doors to increase their life, and give them the most for their money. In addition, customers can purchase transpolymer coating surface protectors for their glass shower doors, or they can purchase glass doors that are treated with coating surfaces by the manufacturer for optimum protection.

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