Frequently Asked Questions about Oak Lawn Social Security Benefits

Apr 12, 13 Frequently Asked Questions about Oak Lawn Social Security Benefits

The Oak Lawn social security benefits not only pays your disability benefits, but also extends the same courtesy to selected members of your family. However, you need to have worked for a certain duration of time and must be suffering from a medical condition which is preventing you from discharging your duties and responsibilities at work. Still, Social Security Disability Benefits can still be paid to you and particular members of your family if a certain medical condition prevents you from working for a period of 12 months.

Listed herein, are some of the most frequently asked questions in regards to Oak Lawn social security benefits:

1.Why has the Social Security Disability Administration in Oak Lawn declined my application for Social Security Disability Benefits? What other options are available to me?

It’s quite common for the Social Security Administration in Oak Lawn to decline an application for Social Security Disability Benefits upon making your first application. Therefore, if your application has been declined, you need to take the necessary action immediately. Applicants are given up to 65 days following the date on the rejection stamp to file for an appeal. By doing so, you will be able to preserve your Social Security Disability claim.

2. Upon authorization of your Social Security Disability Claims application by the Oak Lawn SSA, how much will you be entitled to?

Social disability benefits can comprise of Medicare Health Care Insurance Coverage, family benefits as well as individual benefits. The amount of money you will receive on a monthly basis will basically hinge on the formula that has been adopted by the Social Security Act in Oak Lawn. The sum of money paid out will also depend on the sum of cash which the federal government has accumulated from you as Social Security Disability earnings during your time in employment prior to the accident or medical condition that caused you to be physically disabled.

To a layman, the Social Security Act may not make a lot of sense. Therefore, the instant your application for disability claim has been rejected by the Oak Lawn SSA, you need to hire an attorney to help you file an appeal.


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