Gaining a Better Understanding of Resin Wicker Patio Furniture

We live in a world where wicker is wicker to most consumers and nothing more or less. Many people are not entirely sure whether wicker refers to the furniture style or materials used.  At the end of it all, when it comes to patio furniture, to the untrained consumer, distinguishing the difference between resin wicker patio furniture and furniture derived from other organic or non-organic material is not easy.  Here are a few ways to better aid in identifying resin wicker.

What is Resin Wicker?
Resin wicker is actually wicker furniture derived from non-natural materials.  It is considered an all-weather type of wicker because it is not made from wood, vines or cane.  It is actually made from polyethylene resin fibers (hence the term resin) and then placed on a heavy, sturdy frame.  The frame is usually a metal that withstands weatherization. You can easily spot resin wicker patio furniture by looking for a steel, or aluminum frame.  Natural wicker furniture does not usually have the metal frame attached.  Resin wicker is also widely regarded as all weather wicker.

How Does It Withstand the Weather?
Polyethylene is actually a food grade type of plastic.  This type of plastic is known for its resilience to any type of condition including varying climates.  It can be durable and resistant to UV rays from the sun as well as intense rain, snow and humid weather conditions.  During the production process the coloring used in conjunction with the polyethylene is what lends to the durability of the product.  This is why it is quickly becoming the go to choice for patio furniture.

Care and Maintenance
Believe it or not, this is quite possibly the easiest form of wicker to care for, since resin wicker is not made from wood or plant sources, cleaning it can be done with ease.  Hosing is the most popular ways to clean resin wicker furniture. The good thing about this type of patio furniture is that due to the manmade materials that it’s made of, the color is less likely to fade and it doesn’t have to be treated with special oils.

Purchasing patio furniture is something that many homeowners have on their “to do” lists.  The best thing to do prior to making a purchase is to do a bit of research.

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