Garage Building 101

Nov 14, 18 Garage Building 101

There are many considerations that go into building or replacing a garage, so a little planning early on can reap substantial benefits. Here are some helpful tips to give you a jump start on the process, from deciding what features you’ll need on the garage to choosing the right contractors to complete the project.

Many Physical Facets of Garage Construction
Garage building involves design, possible demolition, excavation, preparation on the chosen site, foundation prep, carpentry and framing, roofing, insulation, doors, windows, eaves, exterior siding, electricity, and ventilation. A general contractor will help you throughout the process and will hire and schedule subcontractors as necessary to complete each stage of the process. When you have hired a professional to build your garage, all of these items may be useful knowledge to you, but you will not personally have to take care of them, because the expert you have chosen will take care of these important details.

Legal Aspects of Building a Garage
In most areas of the country, building permits are required when you build a garage. Some areas require inspections before the work begins and after certain milestones in the construction process. When you hire a garage builder, the contractor can provide assistance with acquiring the required legal permits and schedule the necessary inspections along the way.

Get Estimates and Plan Your Budget
When shopping for garage builders, always get several estimates. Be sure the estimates clearly state what is and what is not included (this makes it easier to compare prices between companies as well). Ask for references and check them. Other questions to ask garage building prospects should be how long have they been in business and how much experience do they have? Make sure that the company is bonded, insured, and licensed in the state where you are building your garage.

After You Have Selected Your Garage Building Team
Sit down with your contractor and look at sizes, designs, and materials. They will more than likely have photos of other garages they built or diagrams of options and choices. If you are trying to match an existing house color, he will make suggestions based on their past experiences. If there are options for doors and windows, make it clear which ones you prefer. Discuss timelines and schedules for work. Will weather be a factor in the time of year you decide to build? Decide on payment arrangements and all final costs. Have all the details and amounts in writing that you both agree on.

Communication Rules
The garage builder that you have hired is a trained professional. Their expertise in building garages along with his ability to communicate with clients has kept them in business all these years. Share any concerns you may have and let them offer suggestions. By working together you will have a satisfying relationship and will enjoy being a part of the team.
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