Gastric Bypass in Hartford and the Importance of Aftercare

Once you undergo gastric bypass in Hartford, you will still have plenty of responsibility to stick to your diet and doctor’s recommendations to lose the desired amount of weight. Following the proper diet will also allow you to feel your best without any unpleasant side effects occurring throughout your body.

The Best Diet

The largest part of your aftercare plan is the diet you follow. Choosing to veer off the dedicated diet for after your gastric bypass surgery can result in patients suffering from nausea, vomiting and other ill side effects.

The diet your doctor will recommend after your gastric bypass surgery will likely be a diet that takes part in stages. The first few days after your surgery, you will be unable to eat any solid food. This gives your digestive system some time to recover from being surgically altered. You will only be able to consume a liquid diet for those first few days. The second stage can be started once it has been determined your body has fully accepted the liquid diet without any ill effects.

During the second stage of your diet, you will be able to eat small amounts of soft foods. Many people need to only eat pureed food during this stage. The foods that are chosen should be high in protein and low in fat or calories. Only a small amount will be able to be comfortably eaten during this stage. The second stage needs to be taken slowly, working your way up to the full ounce of food your body will be able to eventually tolerate.

The last stage of your diet must be approached slowly. It is typically started around eight weeks after your surgery. At this point, you can work up to normal foods at normal consistency. It is important to remember all food choices should be low fat, low calorie, have low sugar content and be high in protein. Eating from all five food groups is

essential to get the proper nutrients and vitamins for optimal health.

Exercise Is Important

You should also incorporate consistent exercise into your new lifestyle after undergoing gastric bypass in Hartford. You do not have to start strenuous exercise right away. Simply starting with a walking plan that incorporates about 15 minutes a day of exercise will help your body lose weight faster. As you get used to walking and start to feel good, you can increase your time and distance or even incorporate more rigorous exercise into your routines to achieve maximum weight loss.

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