Get a competitive edge on the web and beyond by advertising in Digital Media

Nov 09, 11 Get a competitive edge on the web and beyond by advertising in Digital Media

If you really want to reach potential clients and customers, then being an entrepreneur, you have to adopt or adapt to newer methods of advertising. Nowadays, digital media advertising has become the new trend for any experienced or fresh entrepreneur. It is not difficult for customers to find your services anymore. Ringtones, podcast, digital portfolio or an online video portfolio are some of the popular ways through which customers can find your services easily.

The top trends in digital media advertising (DMA) used by many entrepreneurs are:

Media Rich Websites

Many businesses are setting up online commercials, videos for MySpace and YouTube as digital media is easy to operate, capture and work with.

You have to implement Web 2.0 in order to have online collaboration and communication 24 hours a day. You will miss out on potential sales if you do not have any downloadable samples of your products.

For example, a recording academy in New York have increased the traffic on their newly deployed media-rich website by 400 percent within 60 days, as they had come up with a new way to stream video education and educational audio tutorials. By doing this, the recording academy has increased their sales by more than 75 percent as by closing new deals and contracts. Each week, each page received hundreds of new hits by putting simple online videos in their newsletters. The main aim was to let the subscribers know that the podcast library was no longer available.

Social networking sites provide news and networking for all ages. They have become popular as all the digital media methods and types work with them. If digital media interactivity is not provided by your company’s website then you may lose popularity very quickly. You should always outsource your job to a production facility if you cannot make your videos look professional. The files should be created with different compression rates for a number of digital video players in order to match user download speeds and mediums.

Digital Portfolio

A business card even if it is printed on the best stock, does not make as good an impression as compared to a DVD or CD-ROM containing your information.

An art entrepreneur added great packaging and handed out the DVD which had all her art examples and services with a business card at trade shows and sales meetings. The world opened up for her after she created her digital media based portfolio. She can now support herself on her business efforts as her sales had increased in six months. Her information was readily available and she could engage a potential client easily by teaming up a transportable DVD with a standard business card.

Digital Signage

Taking your message to people has become so much easier now through digital media. To create a sign inside the store, outside, or on the road, digital media can be combined into a program. You can also advertise on the road by sending your message across through your fleet of vehicles or within your store window. All the forms of digital media can be incorporated into the sign’s cast depending on the quality and cost of the digital sign.

An entrepreneur selling fruit smoothies and yogurt health drinks deployed a digital sign and created a multimedia presentation for the customers who stood in the line at her counter. The digital sign and multimedia presentation would provide stock information, news and health tips to the customers. By making a small investment she realized that her sales had increased considerably and within two months she was able to recover her initial investment.

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