Get A Unique Look With Custom CD Label Printing In NYC

If you are an aspiring musician or you are looking to expand your fan base you may want to consider the option of producing your own CDs that can be provided to fans or sold to make a profit. This is a great way to get your sound out to your target audience and also do a bit of self-promotion. If this sounds like something you would consider then look no further for a unique option that using CD label printing in NYC from a top company.

Top companies that offer CD label printing in NYC have the ability to allow you to upload your own unique, original art files and designs files. They will then use those imagines, exactly has you have provided them, to create the personalized CD labels for your next project. Of course, they can also provide full CD and DVD duplication and reproduction services to ensure top quality sound and images as well.

Adding Options

It is important that you carefully review all the images, graphics and designs you are using on your label. You may also want to create complimentary templates for inserts, outer covers and traycards at the same time. By using the templates provided by the company offering CD label printing in NYC everything will be correctly sized and you can be assured that the images that you provide will look identical to the design that you sent.

Fonts and Graphics

Choose fonts and graphics that are easy to see, distinguishable and sized in proportion to the label, cover or insert that you are using. Images or fonts that are out of proportion, either too large or too small, will take away from a professional look. Graphics that cover the fonts and make reading difficult can also be a problem.

If you are creating your own custom designs for CD label printing in NYC it is a good idea to contact the media company and verify any questions you may have. This can include the correct format to send the design images in and any forms you may have to complete to show you have the rights to use and reproduce the label.

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