Get Creative With Custom Glass

Jun 05, 19 Get Creative With Custom Glass

The type of glass homeowners choose can completely transform any room. Custom made mirrors, shower doors, and tabletops allow you to have the exact size and shape you envision. You no longer have to search for that door or table that is just the right size for your space. Instead, you can choose a custom glass in Chicago to create an item that is made exactly to your specifications.

Shower Doors

Shower doors are the most common form of custom glass you will find in a home. Using a custom glass door allows you to be as creative as you like with the shower itself. You aren’t restricted to a designated size or shape. You can choose frameless doors with little to no hardware or try out a semi-frameless model that still gives the illusion of floating glass.

Custom Mirrors

Mirrors add light and color to otherwise dark spaces. Unfortunately, many mirrors are too large or too small for these spots. When you have a mirror custom made for you from Lakeview Glass Inc., you will know that it will fit perfectly. It also allows you the freedom to try unusual shapes.


Glass top tables are an excellent choice for small spaces. Their translucent qualities make the room appear larger without having to give up the idea of a table. Whether you are designing a unique table specifically made for your room or replacing the glass on an existing table, Lakeview Glass Inc. can help.

By using custom glass in Chicago, homeowners have come to rely on being able to have items that are just right for their home. The search for tables, mirrors, or doors that are the correct size is over. Instead, you design the room you want, and Lakeview Glass Inc. makes sure your items fit beautifully into the space you have created.

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