Get The Most From Your A/C With Regular Air Conditioning Service In Oklahoma City

Air conditioners have become the most common method in the country for cooling both homes and businesses. Unfortunately for many people, these appliances require routine care and maintenance to keep them working efficiently. When people forget this maintenance, the A/C system suffers and can eventually break down. Of course, regular Air Conditioning Service in Oklahoma City won’t keep your A/C running forever, but it will certainly help you get the most bang for your buck. In fact, regular maintenance can help you save money on utility costs by increasing your air conditioner’s overall efficiency, while also allowing it to have a longer service life.

The household air conditioner consists of two basic components, along with some control circuitry which includes the thermostat. The exterior cabinet houses the condenser system, a coolant coil and a fan that helps release excess heat collected from the home. The condenser is a motor and compressor system that compresses a refrigerant and pumps it through the interior cabinet. This component is often under a lot of stress as it cycles on and off during regular usage. The cooling fan is also another source of problems as it is often exposed to the elements.

The interior cabinet houses the evaporator coil and blower system. Part of the routine Air Conditioning Service in Oklahoma City typically consists of cleaning this coil. During normal use the evaporator coil will collect condensation and this condensation will mix with the dust that makes it through the filter. As this gunk accumulates it dries on the fins of the evaporator coil and reduces its effectiveness. To combat this problem the A/C technician will remove the coil and wash it in an acid bath. This returns the air conditioner to like new condition and once the refrigerant is restored the A/C should blow nice and cold.

Another problem spot with air conditioners is the thermostat. This control system handles the basic cycling of the system as the temperature in the home changes. In most cases it works by sampling the temperature around itself, but sophisticated systems can use complex controls to regulate the air conditioner. Modern versions work with electronic control systems, while older models use mechanical systems to control its functions. When you begin to have problems with your system or finally realize it’s time for you to service your A/C, you should contact an experienced contractor like TS Heat and Air Oklahoma City.

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