Get The Support You Need Through A Reputable Disability Lawyer

May 11, 21 Get The Support You Need Through A Reputable Disability Lawyer

If you’re disabled and unable to earn a steady income, you may have considered filing for disability benefits. It’s important to know that you don’t have to wait to file, and generally, the sooner you begin the process, the better. Hiring experienced legal representation to help sort out the details of your claim will likely benefit your case considerably. A disability attorney you can trust will ensure you’re fully prepared and backed with substantial medical evidence.

Don’t Postpone Filing

Generally, waiting to file for disability only leads to further hassles, such as missing out on past-due benefits or making it more difficult to obtain benefits. Beginning the filing process and contacting a Disability Lawyer as soon as you become disabled is the best way to avoid any unneeded obstacles. Additionally, the process of filing for SSD is often a lengthy one. It isn’t atypical for applicants to wait upwards of a year to two years to eventually get approved by the Social Security Administration. You can begin the filing process by contacting a disability law firm to assist you, by visiting a local Social Security office or applying over the phone or online.

Hearings & What To Expect

Disability hearings differ from other types of court proceedings. Aside from the applicant and their legal advocate, disability hearings involve the presence of an administrative law judge, medical or vocational expert, and a court reporter. Also, it’s fairly uncommon for witnesses to testify on behalf of applicants during hearings, unless a lawyer feels it’s necessary and beneficial to their client’s case. If you’re in need of a Disability Lawyer in Kansas City legal professionals will work to gather medical evidence, provide adequate representation, and present your case favorably.

Benefits Eligibility

To receive disability benefits, an applicant must meet certain requirements, especially the SSA’s definition of “disabled”. If you’re unable to work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week because of pain, and/or general unreliability due to your medical impairment(s), you may qualify for disability benefits. Typically, a person with a condition that may result in death, or has lasted or is expected to last a minimum of a year is considered to be disabled. Applicants are also approved if they fit into certain categories based on their work-related restrictions, age, education, and work experience. Some applicants are approved if their condition is severe enough to meet or equal one of SSA’s listing of impairments. If you, your doctor, or another medical professional feel disability is the best option for you, an attorney will help you strengthen your claim and navigate the complicated process of filing for disability and appealing your case. For more information visit Grundy Disability Group.

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