Get To Know The Guys In Your Auto Repair Shop In Edmonds WA

It does not matter where you live or where you work; if you drive any sort of motor vehicle, you are going to need the services of an auto repair shop at some time or another. Since it is very rare for a car to go into the shop and be ready to drive away in a short time; you are going to be without the use of that car for the duration. Therefore, the nearer the shop is to your home or your workplace the better.

But, It’s More Than Just The Logistics

You should not choose any old Auto Repair Shop In Edmonds simply because it is within walking distance of your home – choose a bad one and you will be walking to and fro far too often. As long as it is not too far away, your choice should be made on the quality, scope and speed of their work.

How do you tell the good one apart from the bad one? The length of the line of vehicles waiting for servicing ahead of you could be a good guide; with so many customers, this outfit can’t be all that bad? That is probably true; but it might also mean that their work rate is very slow and it takes them a long time to finish each job.

An obvious deciding factor is whether or not they are familiar with the brand and type of vehicle that you are currently driving; do they stock the basic parts for it; does it require special diagnostic equipment; etc.

Can they do more than basic engine repairs and servicing? How are they on brakes, air conditioners, transmission, etc? It’s nice to find a total “one stop shop”; do they do tire replacement, repair and wheel balancing; how about bodywork repair and detailing? Should you have been in an accident and involved with an insurance repair; are they authorized by most insurance companies?

Choose Wisely & Stick With Them For Life

It is probably unlikely that you will find any one place where you can tick all these boxes but, hopefully you will find an Auto Repair Shop In Edmonds or nearby that satisfies the major requirements. That’s going to be the one that will serve you well and gain your confidence and loyalty.

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