Getting Braces through Your Local Children’s Dentistry in Omaha, NE

Today, healthy and aligned teeth, along with an attractive smile, play an important social role in today’s society. It can also be an attribute that helps you for a lifetime. It represents youth, dynamism and success, greater self-esteem and security. It is a kind of optical display that creates a better initial impression when meeting new people. Moreover, misaligned teeth can cause unattractive and self-conscious personalities. If you have a child that is in need of a beautiful smile, you should turn to a children’s dentistry in Omaha NE.

In some cases, poor oral hygiene and trauma is the reason behind children needing braces. Unfortunately, nature is not always considered. Over 50 percent of children have malocclusions, which require orthodontic treatment. There are also many adults who suffer from malocclusions, because in the past, orthodontic treatments were not available to many, or not performed in the correct way. These days, dentists aim to provide patients with comfortable, highly aesthetic, and functional orthodontics. These are customized according to the needs of each patient, guaranteed to last, using the latest technology.
Reasons to have braces

There are many reasons to undergo treatment for braces. Some of them include the following:

* Spacing between the teeth;

* Open bite;

* Lateral cross bite;

* Midline deviation;

* Pronounced highlight;

* Crowding;

* Prognathism (negative highlight); and

* Pronounced overbite.

What complications can malocclusions bring?

Apart from the aesthetic implications described above, crowded teeth that are often misaligned and are difficult to clean. This makes the accumulation of bacterial plaque and tartar very pronounced. The result of this is that the risk of developing cavities and periodontal disease is much higher than in cases of straight teeth. Certain types of malocclusions and open bites favor breathing through the mouth instead of the nose. This is because the lips do not close properly. This increases the risk of respiratory tract diseases, and will often favor the development of caries and periodontal disease.

Orthodontic treatment for children and youth

Fortunately, not all children require orthodontic treatment. Each child should be examined by an orthodontist to determine if they require treatment. When should dentists perform this test?

* The first test should be performed at four years of age (baby teeth).

* The second test is performed at eight years (early mixed dentition).

* The third test is performed at twelve years (late mixed dentition).

For more information about children’s dentistry in Omaha NE, contact your local pediatric dentist today.

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