Getting Divorced? Omaha Divorce Attorney Can Help

Going through a divorce is a horrible experience. It’s emotional and very exhausting. However, if a person doesn’t protect their interest, they can be financially crippled for the rest of their lives. The only choice that most people have is to hire Omaha Divorce Attorney to negotiate for them. When a couple divorces usually one spouse is awarded custody of the children and the other spouse has to provide child support. Traditionally this meant the wife cared for the children, received alimony and the husband paid child support. However, with dual-income couples this is no longer true.

Often both spouses want custody. A judge has to decide if this is in the best thing for the kids. If the parents live near one another and can agree on how to parent, then it might work out. However, the cost of raising the children is another matter. Often health insurance is one of the biggest problems. If one person is self-employed with expensive individual coverage and the other has an employer plan, then that might mean the second person has to cover the kids. Providing health insurance can cost thousands of dollars each month, if no one has a company plan. Omaha Divorce Attorney will make sure that this cost is divided fairly.

The couple’s home is probably their biggest investment. If they’ve been married awhile and paid a reasonable price for the home, it could have increased dramatically in value. Sometimes the wife believes she and the children should continue to live in it. This leaves the husband with a hefty mortgage to pay, while they try to establish a new household. His Omaha Divorce Attorney may convince the judge that it’s fairer to sell the home. That way both spouses can downsize their residences in a more equitable manner.

Divorce settlements that involve a family-owned business can be complex. Omaha Divorce Attorney may argue that one spouse should take a lump sum and leave, while they want a piece of the profits as long as the business exists. That means that they will always be interacting and disagreeing with each other. Sometimes the business has to be sold and profit divided. That leaves both spouses free to start an independent business.

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