Getting Mini Implants Tempe

May 03, 13 Getting Mini Implants Tempe

Nothing gives confidence to a smile like beautiful teeth. Unfortunately, many people lack that confidence because of dental defects or missing teeth. Fortunately, for some with this problem, an alternative is available. With dental implants a beautiful smile can be restored and confidence returned to the patient.

Mini Implants Tempe is a fabulous procedure for patients looking for a non-removable alternative to dentures. Dental implants are manufactured teeth and roots that are implanted into the jawbone of the patient by an oral surgeon or dentists. Although this product is extremely strong and long-lasting, occasionally adjustment is necessary or the implants may require replacement due to wear.

There are a variety of reasons patients may want or require Mini Implants in Tempe. These reasons may include a missing tooth that is shifting and causing join pain or bite issues; problems that affect a patient’s ability to eat or speak; facial features altered by a lack of teeth; or supporting of dental devices such as dentures or a bridge in order to improve fit or make them more comfortable to wear.

Patients interested in getting Mini Implants Tempe need to know it is not a quick process, but one that will take frequent visits over several months. After x-rays and molds are taken of the patient’s mouth, an evaluation is made to determine what course of treatment is required. Once determined, the implant is surgically implanted into the jawbone where it heals for up to six months and gets ready to accept the post that holds the tooth in position.

After this additional healing takes place, the teeth are manufactured and placed into the post. This may require several fitting appointments and up to two months time to complete. After additional healing, the teeth are attached to the implant and the patient can enjoy their new smile.

Now that the patient has completed the extensive process, they can rejoice in a pain-free mouth and the resulting beautiful smile that will increase their confidence and self-esteem. Patients are encouraged to followup with excellent dental care, regular dental appointments and diet that encourages good dental health.

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