Getting the Right Help you Need in your Home

As a live-in carer in Hertfordshire, or any country in England, a person much be trained to some degree. They may need at least some kind of medical training and other skills, as well as a full disclosure background check because they will be entering or living in another person’s home. The carer will need to be as responsible as possible because they may be required to nurse or take care of a person’s affairs without having witnesses at all times.

A live in carer in the UK must have at the very least, an NVQ2 or QCF qualification, a driving license—usually a clean license is requested and positive references from prior care work, another employer or a personal reference. Experience is usually a must, but some agencies will offer work to newcomers who have the right credentials. A criminal background check is also a pre-requisite for obtaining a live-in carer position either via and agency or when being hired by a private employer.

What Does the Employer Do?

If you are considering employing a live-in care in Hertfordshire to take care of you in your home you must first contact an agency. You can also put an advert in the local newspaper or Job Centre and have the interviewees attend your home or neutral place for an interview. Depending on the reason why you need a carer to come and live with you, you have the choice as to whom you employ and for what purposes. Have a contract ready so that the chosen applicant can read and sign it in front of you and make sure you set out all the conditions of employment, wages, wages in lieu of living expenses and duties they are expected to perform. Also, make clear the amount of hours they are expected to work as well as any designated time and days off. For instance, you may require them just from Monday to Friday and they get weekends off from 7pm Friday to 7am Monday. You must make that clear so that there are no disputes about time worked or money owed. Also, make clear exactly how much paid vacation they will get in each year and any stipulations about whether they must own a car or drive your own.

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