Going To A California Accredited Law School

Pacific Coast University School of Law is a California Accredited Law School that caters to students in Long Beach, Los Angeles and Orange County. This California accredited law school has been providing their valuable educational services to students since 1927. When Pacific Coast University first offered educational degrees at that time, they offered graduate programs for law and business.

Since the school began educating students, they have stayed committed to keeping their education costs affordable and available. They strive to provide top notch legal education by hiring dedicated professors and staff members who want to see students succeed in their education and beyond. The staff members at Pacific Coast University include lawyers and judges who currently practice law in the California area.

Pacific Coast University School of Law is known for their diversity when it comes to the student population. As they strive to offer education to all individuals in need, they are committed to providing to anyone who wants to pursue a career in this field. Many of the students at Pacific Coast University are working adults, women and ethnic minorities that make up the community. This school also offers night law school classes for hard working individuals who may not be able to attend traditional classes during the day. The policy of the school is to keep these night classes and all other low classes available for the lowest costs possible. They do so in order to reach as many potential students as possible in the Long Beach, California and Los Angeles Area.

Many people note that Pacific Coast University is unique due to the personal, one on one type of education that students receive. While law schools are traditionally rather large, Pacific Coast University is small and limits classes to 50 students per teacher. By keeping classes small, students can receive direct assistance from teachers. This will help them advance further in their studies so that they are more likely to graduate and find a career in law and/or business. By provding a unique form of education to each and every student, Pacific Coast University stands out as a law school.

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