Got a Power Outage? Buy dry ice in Bronx, NY for Your Perishables

If you are planning to host a large event such as a wedding or family reunion, you will need to ensure you have plenty of food and beverages for your hungry party-goers. One concern at large parties is keeping the items cool throughout the duration of the party. The best way to keep items cool is to put them on ice. For a large event, this can be a daunting task.

If the event you are hosting is going to be large, keeping up with the ice can be a full-time job for an individual. The best way to keep things cool is by having an ice service come and supply the ice for the event. You tell them the number of people you are expecting at the party, and they will come up with an estimate based on how many items are required to be kept cool. Ice companies provide many different types of ice, from crushed to cubed to dry ice. Some even offer custom-made ice sculptures, which is sure to keep people talking at your event. You simply order an ice block, let the company know what shape you’d like carved into it, and it will be delivered to your party for everyone to enjoy.

Dry ice is very handy to keep food cold for long periods of time. Dry ice is typically used during power outages. You can buy dry ice in Bronx NY for any lengthy outage to keep the food in your freezer and refrigerator from spoiling. You will also see dry ice used during Halloween when people want to give the effect of smoke rising up from a punch bowl. The dry ice creates a reaction with the liquid, which sends up what looks like smoke. The effect is astonishing. Another common use for dry ice is during a stage performance in which a foggy effect is required. The dry ice is mixed with liquid, producing the smoke effect, and then a fan blows the fog onto the stage.

Whether you need to Buy dry ice in Bronx, NY or have crushed or cubed ice delivered for a large event, you will be able to find all your needs by contacting your local ice service.

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