Grace And Beauty: Benefits Of Artificial Wedding Flower Arrangements

When it comes to a wedding, flower arrangements tend comprise a substantial part of the décor. This is true for both the wedding and reception venues. While it is traditional to choose live cut flowers for the various arrangements, this is no longer your only realistic choice. The latest advances in fabric as well as the sheer elegance of pure silk flowers, have made artificial flowers a viable option for the flower arrangements for your wedding.

Grace and Beauty

Beauty and grace are no longer the provenance of real flowers. Silk, polyester and cotton blends, polymer and latex, currently provide the foundation for creating realistic flowers. While, in the past many silk flowers and fabric creations appeared cheap and were rarely realistic in design, color and/or outward show, today’s artificial flowers are everything a wedding planner could wish for. Beauty, delicate elegance and vibrant or subtle colors are as much a part of their make-up as it is for real flowers. They are an integral part of artificial wedding flower arrangements comprised of artificial floral and greenery displays. Yet, beauty and grace are not the only benefits of having synthetic flowers at your wedding.

Benefits of Using Artificial Wedding Flower Arrangements

When it comes to providing the right flowers for the right price, it is hard to ignore the benefits of artificial flower arrangements. Consider the many benefits:

1. Cost: Silk flowers of all types are less expensive than the real thing. You can find quality at a reasonable price making it easier to spend more money on other elements of your wedding.

2. Renting: Instead of buying, you can choose to rent the arrangements for your wedding. This makes them even more affordable. It also clarifies what happens to them after the event.

3. Eco-Friendly: These are recyclable. Whether you used reuse them, or they return to the rental agency, these wedding flower arrangements are not a one-off. This creates less waste.

4. Durability: Flowers can be destroyed, fall apart and lose their “oomph” long before the wedding actually occurs. They can droop during the ceremony or fall out of the bouquet. On wedding tables, the flower arrangements can wilt, drop their greenery or even let fall their petals on the table or, worse, into food and drinks. This does not happen with quality artificial flowers.

5. Predictable: Silk flowers are predictably gorgeous no matter what the weather. They do not freeze when the temperature falls into below freezing. They are not washed away in the rain. They also do not wilt if the sun tries to bake them.

With these advantages and more, is it any wonder brides and wedding planners are turning to artificial flowers? Silk and blend blooms and greenery with their durability and cost-efficient nature make more and more sense as the ideal source for wedding flower arrangements.

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