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by | May 23, 2012 | Plumbing

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You may or may not know what a grease trap is.  Just in case you aren’t familiar with the term, it is a receptacle that your water that is going down the drain goes through before it goes into the sewer.  The reason you need a grease trap in West Palm Beach is to catch much of the grease that is in your waste water before it enters the sewer or clogs up your pipes as some of it solidifies.  Grease is not as dense as water.  For this reason, water is heavier than grease.  Grease also doesn’t mix well with water so the grease or oils will float on the water.  There are baffles in most grease traps that collect the grease as it passes through the grease trap in West Palm Beach with the water.  The water is allowed to flow through freely and on into the sewer system.

When you get a certain amount of oils or grease in the grease trap it will need to be cleaned out in order to keep operating correctly.  There are different types of grease traps.  When you are dealing with grease traps there are some things you can do to help keep your system running smoothly and efficiently.  You can avoid pouring fats and oils down the drains as much as possible.  Instead, dispose of them in some other way.  You can also reuse grease a few times, if possible to avoid having so much waste.  When the grease trap is over full it won’t collect the grease properly and thus it will go into the sewer and through pipes where it can build up and clog the pipes and cause other problems in the sewer.

Commercial restaurants would be one facility that would most likely need to use a grease trap in West Palm Beach.  In this setting the employees can be trained not to dispose of grease down the drains.  If you teach the employees about the process so they understand it, they will most likely be more cooperative with the efforts.  You can also wipe out pans and dishes that have grease in them with a paper towel or something like that which can be thrown away before washing it.

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