Grief Can Lead to Battles You Never Would Have Envisioned

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Cremation

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There is no doubt that you have done many loving acts that have benefitted your family members time and time again. One of the most loving things that you can still do for them, however, is pre-planning a funeral. Whether you will be buried in Columbus, Ohio, or elsewhere, preplanning your funeral can help to mitigate against some of the family battles that could otherwise arise if your loved ones are forced to guess about what you would have wanted.

Although you may not be able to imagine that your family members would set to arguing immediately after your death, you would be surprised at how many families do exactly that when trying to arrange for a funeral in which there was never any pre-planning. Grief tends to increase stress and when stress levels are high, it is easy for tempers to flare-up even among the most congenial of family members. By pre-planning a funeral with the help of your local funeral home in Columbus, Ohio, you can lovingly ensure that your funeral will not be the occasion of a family battle.

Though it may seem an inconsequential thing to you now, taking away the burden of trying to decide what you would have wanted from your family can bring them an amazing sense of relief and lift some of the pressure and stress that they will undoubtedly experience as they grieve your passing. Plus, by pre-planning, you can ensure a funeral that truly is in keeping with what you want when it comes to budget, practice, themes, and/or religious or cultural customs. Not only that, but if there is a family member or friend that you would definitely want to have speak at the occasion (or, one that you would prefer did not play a role in the funeral service), you can specify that in your pre-planning as well.

Another huge advantage of pre-planning a funeral in Columbus, Ohio is that you can lock-in current prices. In other words, if you plan and pay for a funeral today, you will do so at current prices. Even if you were not to die for another 10, 20, or 30-plus years, your family would not be faced with any additional or unexpected expenses.

Though it may seem like a small thing to do, pre-planning a funeral can be a huge act of love for those who will be left behind. Knowing that they are doing exactly what was desired by their loved one can help to bring many family members a closure that could otherwise be lacking. Contact your Columbus, Ohio funeral home to ask about pre-planning a funeral today.

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