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The walls of any building serve to block off an open space and, in some positions, provide support for whatever might be above them. To perform their function walls do not need to be pleasant to look at; a plain concrete wall will keep the wind out and support the weight of (say) a roof just as it is (in its “as built” state). This might be acceptable in some sort of storage area but is unlikely to be tolerated in any of the rooms that you live in at home. Nor would that concrete wall be acceptable in most offices and public places.

We Decorate To Achieve Pleasant Surroundings

At a basic level, the least we will do to make a plain wall more acceptable is to cover it with paint. The choice of colors, patterns, etc is a personal one; so, whether or not the painting improved appearance is something of a subjective opinion. For many, the interior design of a room (or any other space) does not stop at merely painting the walls. The whole area (including floors and ceilings) has to be subjected to the thoughts of an interior decorator (amateur or professional) and, of course, this includes furniture and fittings to be placed inside the room.

Decorating A Room’s Vertical Surfaces

In the sense that you cannot stand “things” on the vertical surface of a wall or column; decorating them, other than with paint or wallpaper, could be thought difficult. However, we all know how to overcome that obstacle – we can hang things on any vertical surface, all we need to do is to make sure that (whatever it may be that we are hanging) it neither falls off, nor, pulls part of the wall down. Once we have mastered that, we can hang pictures, mirrors, wall cabinets, etc on our walls – we can even consider hiding a wall behind hanging decorative panels.


The sight of a delightful painting hanging from a big, ugly wall hook somewhat detracts from the concept of making a better visual effect. Therefore, whatever the picture’s frame is hanging from needs to be out of sight (where better than behind the picture?). And, this is what we do for most things that we hang on our walls. However, this brings another problem with it. Whatever device we attach to the wall, the picture or both will take up space and might mean that the picture cannot be parallel to the wall’s surface. Also, if the device utilizes a small point; the picture may hang crookedly.

There are numerous devices and systems available for wall hanging and most of them claim to be able to solve all the problems, however this is debateable. A system, that has been found to be most successful, uses the same Panel Clip interlocking principle that is used to hang decorative panels. A Panel Clip on the hanging object slides into a mating Panel Clip on the wall to provide hanging strength and positioning stability

Whatever function that you require from a Panel Clip; you will find clips to suit at Eagle Mouldings Specialty Aluminum Trims & Extrusions. Their Eagle Mouldings Panel Clips are available in a range of standard sizes and, also, custom designed especially for your project.

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