Help – I Can’t Stop!

There you are, happily cruising along the highway heading for Fort Wayne when the car in front of you suddenly brakes unexpectedly and the gap between the two of you is closing at an alarming rate. Maybe your reaction time was a little slow but, no matter how hard you stamp on the brake pedal, your car simply isn’t slowing down quickly enough for your peace of mind and you are starting to panic. Hopefully, you can heave a sigh of relief when you do finally come to a complete halt with inches to spare.

What Went Wrong?

Your memory tells you that you were alert before the problem, you were not following too closely to the car in front and you were driving within the speed limit. Furthermore, you are convinced that in everyday driving you have regularly stopped without generating this amount of panic.

Still shaking a bit, you pull over to the side and do manage to stop again; but, the braking just does not feel right. Next step is to switch off the engine and pop the hood but, do you actually have any idea what to do then? You are a fairly well prepared driver so you have some tools and spares in your trunk – a spare wheel is fine but no one apart, maybe, from long distance rally drivers, carries spare brakes. You do have a can of brake fluid with you but, on checking, you see that the reservoir is still full; so that’s not the solution to your problem.

You Need Professional Help

The problem does not appear to be hydraulic, maybe it’s something to do with the servo, or mechanical linkages; or the brake pads – you don’t have a clue. Do you try to limp slowly to someone who can provide Brake Service In Fort Wayne IN or should you call out a breakdown service or even a tow truck?

Fortunately, you are often in this neighborhood and did once have your car serviced at a car center in Fort Wayne. They really impressed you with the quality of their work and the scope of services that they could provide. They had left a small sticker on the inside of your windshield and it had their phone number on it. Salvation, you do have someone to call for Brake Service In Fort Wayne IN and you are reasonably confident that they will sort you out quickly and not take financial advantage of your predicament.

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