Hiring A Divorce Lawyer In Allentown For A Difficult Divorce Case

by | Jan 28, 2014 | Lawyers

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A Divorce Lawyer in Allentown presents you with assistance in filing your divorce. The difficulties in filing a divorce is the unpredictable nature of your spouse. Although most people may argue that they know their spouse well enough to anticipate their actions, a divorce may change them. During divorce proceedings, couples often change from even-tempered individuals to vicious enemies. When one spouse wants the divorce while the other does not, it is likely that the opposing spouse will fight tooth and nail to avoid finalization. This could lead to a lengthy divorce trial that takes years to conclude.

Reluctant Spouses in Divorce Cases

When your spouse is reluctant to grant you a divorce, it is probable that your divorce will become contested. Depending on his or her level of resistance, you may settle these matters in mediation. However, when this is not possible you will both be required to attend a trial. The unfortunate nature of a divorce trial is that it may take years to conclude. This is especially true if you own an extensive amount of marital property.

Divorce Attorney

Sigmon and Sigmon, P.C. provide you with effective divorce counsel that will help you fight the possibility of a divorce trial at all costs. Through negotiations these attorneys present your spouse’s attorneys with avenues in which the agreement is fair for both parties and may offer some form of solace in an otherwise detrimental situation. The next step is mediation which allows both parties to discuss the terms and attempt to come into an agreement. For assistance in a divorce case, you should contact Sigmon and Sigmon to schedule an appointment.


Your divorce Lawyer in Allentown offers you guidance during a difficult time. If your spouse is reluctant to allow you to secure an uncontested divorce, your attorney can make attempts to present an agreement which may change his or her mind. If this fails, the next step is to attend mediation. During mediation both parties have a chance to air their grievances and try to come into an agreement about the terms of the divorce. If mediation fails, the court will schedule a trial which the judge makes determinations based on evidence presented by both parties. To learn more about these proceedings.

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