Hiring a Traffic Attorney in Jefferson County MO After a Distracted Driving Offense

Distracted driving is any activity done behind the wheel that takes the driver’s attention away from the road, and it often leads to injuries and serious accidents. Common distractions are:

* Using phones (including texting)

* Looking at accidents or scenery outside the vehicle

* Talking to passengers

* Applying makeup and other grooming tasks

* Drinking/eating

* Adjusting mirrors, radios, seats and GPS units

* Reading, writing or reviewing a map

Distracted Driving Laws

Almost every state has a law on distracted driving, and those laws vary widely. Some locales have enacted bans on texting and other activities, while other jurisdictions focus more on the punitive aspect. States call it by different names, but all make it illegal to perform acts that aren’t necessary for the operation of the vehicle, and/or impair a driver’s ability to operate safely.

Distracted Driving Punishments

As each state’s laws on distracted driving are different, so are the punishments for such offenses. In most instances, distracted driving is treated as a moving violation, which is punishable by fines or as a misdemeanor. If a driver is a repeat offender, and they cause a serious accident with injuries or property damage, they can face prison or jail time.

Avoiding Distracted Driving

To avoid unnecessary distractions, you should prepare for a trip beforehand. Below are some things you can do to minimize distraction:

* Write or print out directions

* Program your GPS before departing

* Adjust mirrors, radios, seats and seat belts before leaving

* Turn your phone’s ringer off so you’re not tempted to answer it while driving

* If you’re upset or angry, calm down before getting behind the wheel

If a situation arises while you’re driving, you can exit the roadway or pull over to handle it. It’s much better to be a bit late than it is to face a potential distracted driving charge, or to cause an accident.

Hiring a Lawyer for a Distracted Driving Case

In most cases, a distracted driving charge can be dealt with online or in traffic court. However, if your offense involves substantial property damage or severe injury, you should ask The Lowry Law Firm for advice. Depending on where you live, distracted driving may be a criminal offense, and consulting a Traffic Attorney Jefferson County MO can be of enormous benefit.

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