Hiring Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers in Loveland to Sue At-Fault Drivers

May 31, 19 Hiring Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers in Loveland to Sue At-Fault Drivers

One of the most common causes of motor vehicle accidents in the United States—especially among young drivers—is texting while driving. Even though it is illegal to text while driving in most states, people who seem to be addicted to their smartphones still do it, and this form of distracted driving often results in accidents that can kill or maim both drivers and passengers in either car. If you have been injured in an accident because of a distracted driver, then you may be able to receive compensation for your injuries.

Compensation for Injuries
If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident involving a driver who was texting while driving, you should consider hiring one of the motor vehicle accident lawyer in Loveland to help you seek compensation for your injuries. The driver who is found at fault for the accident is liable for expenses for damages or injuries caused in an accident. You can seek compensation in one of three ways:

*File a claim with your own insurance company
*File a third-party insurance claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company
*File a lawsuit against the at-fault driver

Suing an At-Fault Driver
You need to choose motor vehicle accident lawyers to help you file a lawsuit against an at-fault driver if you are seeking compensation for injuries you’ve sustained during a car accident. If the accident involved a commercial truck, then you would need to hire a truck accident lawyer in Loveland.

While drivers are required to carry insurance to cover accidents, if your expenses exceed their coverage, the driver is liable for the additional expenses. The motor vehicle accident lawyers can advise you about suing an at-fault driver for medical expenses and any time you were off work due to your injuries.

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