Hit the Bathroom Decor Just Right with Glass Showers

Today more and more people are turning towards the use of glass blocks for bathroom remodeling projects. Instances of where glass blocks are being used include outside wall windows, separators between different areas of the bathroom like the toilet, and walls for a walk in glass block shower. Each of these bathroom remodeling applications can really spruce up the look of an old bathroom. The great thing is that installing glass blocks are not too expensive and can be done rather easily. Most amateurs can install glass blocks in a bathroom in just hours or as a weekend project.

Choosing the Right Glass Block

There are different types of glass blocks to choose from. Each offer a little bit in the way of style, but all offer the same in the way of functionality. Glass blocks for a walk in glass block shower can have a variety of patterns or textured appearances. These are created to add a little bit of privacy while still allowing nearly all of the light to pass through the glass. The glass blocks are also perfect for bathrooms and showers because the walls can be constructed to fit practically any wall size or shape or enclosure type. There is very little limit as to what can be done when constructing a shower wall made of glass blocks.

For added beauty, some bathroom remodelers will opt to go with colored glass blocks. This is especially popular if the bathroom has a colored theme in mind. The colored glass blocks for a shower wall or enclosure can add that little bit of extra touch that can truly make the entire bathroom a one of a kind masterpiece.

Installing a Glass Block Shower Wall

The process of installing a glass block shower wall is actually quite easy. In fact, only a few simple tools and supplies are needed. For most installation projects, all that is needed is the glass blocks, mortar, level, trowel, rubber mallet, a sponge, and a little bit of water. To make things easier, there are installation kits available, which can include helpful tools like spacers to help ensure that all of the glass blocks are equally spaced apart to provide a smooth appearance.

The process of installing glass blocks is the exact same as building a brick wall. Mortar is laid between the glass blocks. Once one level dries the next level can then be constructed. Row by row the wall is built until it reaches the desired height.

There are a lot of benefits to having glass blocks as a wall for a shower. It is this fact that has made the use of glass blocks for showers and bathrooms so popular. The bonus is that installing is simple.

The Quality Glass Block and Window Company has been one of the leading wholesale loose glass block suppliers since 1976. Some of the quality products include a walk in glass block shower, shower kits, glass block entryways and more. A glass block wall or divider can really transform any room into something truly spectacular.

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