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The time to be in search of a new heating system is when the weather is warm.  You want to be prepared for the cold weather in the winter months and not be without heat during this time.  When you are all comfortable and you are not in need of the heater because it is warm outside is the time when you want to be doing a furnace installation.  When you hire a contractor who does heating Santa Clarita to install a new furnace for you, you will be without heat for a period of time.  This amount of time will depend on the complexity of the issues and the extent of work the contractor has to go to in order to get the system up and running.  If there is duct work to be repaired and re-done, this can take an additional amount of time.  If it is just a matter of putting in a new furnace, things can go a bit quicker.  So, the time frame depends on how much has to be done.

In most homes there is a central air and heat system, but they are not always installed properly to evenly heat all areas of the home so that it is comfortable everywhere without hot spots and cold spots.  Ideally, when the heater and central air system was installed they did a home analysis to determine where they needed to put the vents and return vents etc. to make the distribution even throughout the house.  Unfortunately, many times this was not done and the ductwork and vents may need to be remodeled and redone.  You don’t want to have to move to certain areas of the house to stay warm because there are cold spots.

To help heat your home in just a room or two, you can use a fireplace with gas logs.  The gas log fireplaces now days can actually give out quite a bit of heat if your purchase the right one.  They used to be primarily for looks, but can now be used to heat a room or two.  When dealing with heating Santa Clarita, gas logs are better than real wood because they burn cleaner and heat better.

Another check the contractor can do when you are getting new heating Santa Clarita is to check for doors and areas that may be trapping air. Hallways sometimes do this.  Sometimes you need to leave certain doors open or closed to allow better air flow.

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