Homeowners Install Sodding in Junction City, KS for the Perfect Lawn

Homeowners on a street often have an unwritten competition to see who has the best lawn. When someone moves into a house, it can be hard to get up to speed quickly. If the homeowner turns to reseeding their lawn, it can take months to see an improvement. When they use Sodding Junction City KS products, they see the results immediately. It also improves the air quality near the home because the sod keeps the ground covered. Within ten days of installation children can play on the new sod.

The Cranmer Grass Farming Company has teams that can quickly install a home lawn or complete a major golf course renovation. When a customer buys Sodding Junction City KS, they are purchasing sod that has been grown in the region. They know that it will be able to withstand regional weather patterns. It also has less time to travel and is fresher when it arrives for installation.

The professionals who install Sodding Junction City KS know that the soil preparation is the most important step in the installation process. Once the sod is laid down, the roots of the grass extend into the soil. The richer the soil is with the proper nutrients the healthier the grass will be. It will grow faster and bond more quickly with the soil below. Cramner Grass Farming began in 1953. They therefore have decades of experience and know what soil preparation is required in Kansas. They also produce the highest quality Kansas Premium Fescue-Blue in the country.

After a few weeks the homeowner can water and mow the Sodding Junction City KS installation the way they would any type of lawn. They are now ready to show off their landscape to their neighbors. Of course every homeowner knows that a rich lawn has to be diligently maintained. The installation team will explain the optimum fertilization schedule for the type of grass and the time that it was installed. They will also teach them about the right products to use. If the family dog’s urine is staining the grass. The vet can give them natural vitamins to make the urine less acidic. Homeowners who follow these instructions will have a dream lawn for many years to come.

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