How a Dentist Wichita KS Can Fix a Fractured Tooth

Each one of us only have one set of teeth; however, with the advancement of modern dentistry, anything that is broken can easily and quickly be repaired. A qualified Dentist in Wichita KS can improve your facial appearance and make your smile look better than before. Here is a detailed analysis of how a skillful dentist can fix a chipped tooth.

Causes of a Fractured Tooth

Before discussing the various methods of repairing a chipped tooth, it is imperative to first understand the causes of the problem. Here are some of these causes:

* Bruxism (Teeth Grinding) – The grinding and clenching usually occurs at night time during sleep. Teeth grinders are usually unconscious when they develop this behavior . Symptoms of bruxism include: fractured or chipped teeth, tender teeth, jaw pains, headaches and damage of the tooth enamel and other muscles.

* Trauma – Trauma can be due to an accidental tumble after biting something hard or being struck in the face. Any of these event can cause a fractured or chipped teeth.

Different Methods for Fixing a Fractured Teeth

* Porcelain Dental Veneers – A dentist can use porcelain dental veneers to reshape, mask and whiten a chipped tooth. Dental veneers are generally thin shells of porcelain that the dentist affixes to the front of the fractured teeth. The procedure entails removing a small portion of the tooth enamel so as to create room for the veneer materials. A mold of the teeth is then taken to the lab where the dental veneers are fabricated. After two weeks, you have to go back to the dental clinic where you have your veneers fitted.

* Bonding – Another way a dentist can fix a fractured tooth is by adding a resin or a bonding material to the damaged areas. In this case, the dentist will roughen the tooth enamel using an acid substance. This roughness is what will enable the tooth to join with the bonding material. The dentist will then fit the bonding material on the fractured tooth and shape it to match the appearance of the other teeth.

There are other methods that a dentist can use to fix a fractured tooth. However, the method used will largely depend on the extent of the fracture and the dental provider you choose.

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