How a Disability Lawyer in Will County can Help You

by | May 21, 2014 | Articles

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2526928_mIf you have been injured and the extent of the injuries prevents you from being able to work, you may qualify for a government disability benefit package. This is designed to provide you with money so you can live your life and not have to worry about paying for basic utilities and food. The process of applying for disability can be tricky. The paperwork can be complicated to complete, and if you don’t fill out everything completely, it can cause your claim to be denied. Make it easy for yourself by letting a disability lawyer in Will County guide you through the process. The following are just a few reasons why you should consider letting an attorney help you through the process of applying for disability.

Doctor Recommendations

An attorney can help you get recommendations from your doctors so you can add validity to your disability claim. They will meet with your physicians and get the information needed to prove to a judge that you are unable to work. Don’t try to apply without doctor recommendations, as it may not prove that your injuries left you unable to work.
Completing Paperwork

It can take hours to properly fill out the paperwork for a disability claim. A lawyer can do it for you, so you can rest assured that everything is completed properly. Don’t get lost in legal speak, and fill out sections improperly. An attorney can make sure everything is completed so your submission will have the chance of being approved the first time it is reviewed.

Appeals Process

If your claim is denied, you will have the ability to appeal your case. When this happens, you will need to appear before a judge and explain to them the reason for your disability application. A disability lawyer in Will County will be by your side from step 1, and ensure that you will not be intimidated by the judge. Make sure your appeal goes smoothly by letting a lawyer do the hard work for you.

If you need help getting the money you deserve, consider hiring an attorney to help. In the Chicago area, contact the office of Jeffery A Rabin and Associates LTD. He and his team has the experience to help you navigate your disability claim without stress. Call them today to see how easy it can be to start your disability application.

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