How A Phlebologist In Albuquerque Metro, NM Can End Venous Disease Symptoms

Patients who suffer from venous diseases often have unsightly veins bulging from their legs, and may see ugly smaller veins on other parts of their bodies as well. In addition, varicose veins can cause aching, a feeling of heaviness, swelling, and burning. However, a well-qualified Phlebologist in Albuquerque Metro, NM can offer most patients a range of options to reduce or completely eliminate these problems. Experts, such as Ole Peloso at the Vein Center of New Mexico, offer solutions that include:

* SCLEROTHERAPY: Patients who have spider or medium-sized veins on their bodies may be offered cosmetic sclerotherapy. During Sclerotherapy in Albuquerque Metro, NM, an agent is injected into the patient’s veins, which causes them to close and disappear. The process takes about 35 minutes, and several injections are done during the treatment. A Phlebologist in Albuquerque Metro, NM can treat both legs at the same time.

* MICROPHLEBECTOMY: This procedure, which of often called an ambulatory phlebectomy, is minimally invasive. It is often used to treat varicose veins by removing them through a small incision in the skin. The patient receives a local anesthetic before the procedure. They are positioned horizontally, causing the blood in the veins to drain, collapsing them. It is then simple for a surgeon to remove in large veins.

* ENDOVENOUS CHEMICAL ABLATION: A surgeon may choose endovenous chemical ablation, or ultrasound guided foam sclerotherapy, when they want an extremely accurate, minimally invasive, safe vein treatment. In this technique, a surgeon uses ultrasound to guide them as they inject a solution into veins. This sclerosant flows into treated veins, inuring them and causing them to eventually disappear. It is an ideal procedure for veins that cause symptoms but are difficult to see. Like most vein treatments at the Vein Center of New Mexico, patients are up and walking very quickly after the procedure and they can expect short recovery times.

Today a well-qualified phlebologist can offer several solutions to patients suffering from venous disease. These may include microphlebectomy, chemical ablation, sclerotherapy, and other minimally invasive, safe procedures. The procedures do not require hospitalization, allow patients to be up and walking within a short time, and offer short recovery times.

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