How a Public Transfer Agent Can Protect Your Trades

Dec 05, 19 How a Public Transfer Agent Can Protect Your Trades

The saying goes, “If you want something done right, do it yourself.” This age-old adage works sometimes, but in business, especially when stocks are involved, maybe not so much. A company can act as its own transfer agent, but there are a few reasons a public company transfer agent can be beneficial.

Ownership Certificates

If your business has trade securities, a transfer agent can protect your assets and handle the sticky business parts to keep your business in compliance. Keeping an accurate record of stocks and bonds, including ownership certificates, alleviates embarrassing and costly confusion. It’s their job to manage ownership records in owner certificates, book-keeping, or broker data.

Crowdfunding Initiative

A public company transfer agent can also assist with raising capital. Crowdfunding is an essential performance for small ventures and startups. Capital is the fuel that keeps the machine running, and you don’t want your business to be subject to probability. A quality transfer agent assists startup businesses with their needs, like setting up the IPO process.

Stay in Compliance

Think back to the infancy of your business; when it was just an idea. You wanted nothing more than its success, and it would be a tragedy to lose all your hard work, energy, and time because you weren’t in the loop on essential regulations know-how. Let the experts handle the complicated part. Your business keeps you busy enough than being concerned about changes to industry standards.

EquityTrack stays in compliance, maintaining a good-standing record with the SEC since 1987. They offer public company transfer agent services with affordability and reliability. To get daily updates follow our Facebook page.

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