How a Thread Lift Can Benefit Those Who Are Dealing With Loose Neck Skin

Sep 21, 20 How a Thread Lift Can Benefit Those Who Are Dealing With Loose Neck Skin

It is common for men and women to focus on their facial skin when it comes to protecting it from the sun and using anti-aging products. However, some forget to provide that same care when it comes to the skin on their neck. This can lead to a person having youthful-looking skin on their face but wanting to hide their neck skin and feeling self-conscious.

A nonsurgical neck lift may be the right option for you if you have loose neck skin and want to do something about it. This treatment involves inserting threads under the skin in the neck. The threads are put in place in just the right positions in order to offer a little bit of lift. This will off give you immediate results. Also, fatty tissue in the skin will contract after the threads are inserted, which leads to tighter looking skin. As time goes by, collagen will grow around the threads. More collagen production in the skin equals more youthful-looking skin. Your neck skin will be more firm and have a more youthful texture after your nonsurgical neck lift.

Since the threads will dissolve after a few months, this is a treatment does not involve permanent implants/foreign objects. There is minimal downtime after the threads are inserted. And you can expect the results to last for about a year.

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