How are Cavities Treated Through the General Dentists in Canyon, Texas?

by | Apr 30, 2014 | Dentist

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No one wants to be told they have a cavity. Unfortunately, many people experience at least one cavity in their lifetime. When a cavity begins in your tooth structure it does not cause any problems with the health of your tooth in the beginning. This is because your tooth is surrounded by a tough membrane, called enamel. Once your enamel is compromised, the decay can easily begin to spread in your tooth and will begin to exhibit symptoms. You may notice pain, pitting and discoloration in your tooth. Many people with cavities also experience pain and sensitivity when they consume hot or cold foods or eat sweets. If you are experiencing these signs, you need to see the general dentists in Canyon Texas, so your cavity can be promptly treated.

What Does the Dentist Do to Treat a Cavity?

Many cavities can be treated with a filling, while severe cavities may need to be extracted. Your dentist will first examine your tooth and take X-rays, to see how deep the decay is. If the dentist feels you are a good candidate to get a filling, your tooth will be completely numbed. The numbing action takes a few minutes to begin and then the dentist can start your procedure.

The most important part of cavity treatment involves removing the decayed portion of the tooth. If this is not removed, it will continue to cause destruction and could spread to your other teeth. When the decay is removed, this leaves an open area in your tooth that will need to be filled. Your dentist will fill your tooth with either compound, porcelain or metal alloy fillings. Most dentists use porcelain or compound fillings, because they blend in well with your tooth and are not noticeable.

Once the filling is in place, your tooth will be protected from further damage. If your dentist feels your tooth is no longer strong, you may need to have a crown put over the tooth. For many people, this provides added protection and strength.

If you are in need of cavity treatment or any other dental services, visit your local dentist. They can provide you with the best dental services, to ensure your smile stays healthy. Browse online at website domain to know more.

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