How Assisted Living Can Help In Dementia Care in CT

If you or a loved one suffer from mild or severe dementia, an assisted living facility can provide an environment that promotes independence while offering quality care. The assisted living facility will have a staff of caring and knowledgeable professionals that are more than capable to care for you on a daily basis. The following is a list of important factors to consider when looking for Dementia Care in CT, through an assisted living facility.

Secured Areas

Many assisted living facilities are designed with Dementia Care in CT in mind. Usually, entire wings or even whole buildings will be designated for residents who suffer from memory impairments. These areas usually provide heightened security and supervision than the rest of the facility. Most of the staff in these wings is well trained in the impulsive behaviors exhibited by many dementia patients. Click here

Medication Assistance

Almost all assisted living facilities offer medication assistance as part of their Dementia Care in CT program. Having someone to help ensure that you take your medicine in the proper quantities can be valuable service for someone suffering from dementia. This can also be helpful if the staff notices a change in behavior for better or worse after new medications are given to the patient. The staff usually works very closely with a patient’s primary physician and can relay any changes in behavior in a timely manner. When you have the assurance that you or a loved one is receiving the best care available, it helps to take a huge burden off you.

You should tour many different facilities until you find the one that feels like the best fit for your particular circumstances. A quality facility to consider is Peregrine’s Landing At The Shoreline assisted living. This facility has over 50 years of experience dealing with seniors and patients with dementia. This top notch Senior Living Community offers a lot of hands on assistance to all of its residents. It also attracts many of the top notch medical professionals in the assisted living field, which guarantees that you or your loved one will receive the highest caliber care available.

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