How Dental Bridges in Seattle Can Enhance Your Smile

Many of us at some point in our lives will experience dental problems. The need for major dental repair can be due to loss of teeth, decayed teeth, or some other reason that calls for major dental repair. One solution available for those suffering loss of teeth is a dental bridge. If you live in Seattle and need dental repair, there are many dentists who offer Dental Bridges in Seattle.

Dental Bridges at Integrative Dentistry of Seattle are a good solution for those who are in desperate need of dental repair. Integrative Dentistry uses a combination of techniques that produce the best outcome for the patient. A dental bridge consists of bridging teeth together, usually artificial teeth. When someone has a loss of teeth, artificial teeth are placed on crowns next to each other or next to the patient’s original teeth. This makes the artificial teeth stay in place and operate as natural teeth.

If you suffer from tooth loss and are looking for a solution to repair your teeth and enhance your smile, contact a dentist to discuss the possibilities of Dental Bridges in Seattle. The dentist will examine your teeth, perform X-rays, and provide the proper diagnosis for your situation. The dentist will prepare the gums and any remaining natural teeth for the dental bridge. Once the temporary bridge is in place, the dentist will make an impression of the teeth to ensure a proper fit before placing a permanent bridge. A dental bridge is usually made out of porcelain, which makes it tough to differentiate between it and your natural teeth.

The artificial teeth look like natural teeth and will help the patient engage in normal everyday functions such as eating, chewing, and even talking. To prevent the need of a dental bridge, there are several things dentists recommend. Be sure to brush your teeth thoroughly on a daily basis. Irregular brushing results in tooth decay, which can lead to the need for a dental bridge in the future. Refrain from eating a great deal of sugar or other foods that can cause cavities. Cavities create holes in the teeth, which can result in loss.

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