How do Bail Bonds in Mason City Iowa Work?

by | May 13, 2014 | Bail Bonds

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If you’ve been arrested, you may be wondering what you have to do in order to be released. In most cases, you will be processed into the jail facility and then you will be given a bail amount. This bail amount will need to be paid if you want to be released from jail while you wait for your court hearing. In order to get the bail paid, a family member will need to contact a business that does Bail bonds in Mason City Iowa.

When your family member contacts the bondsman for you, they will become your cosigner on the bail bond. This means that they are agreeing that they will make sure that you make it to your court hearings, and that they agree to the terms of the bond. They will then have to pay a percentage of the bail to the bondsman, who will pay the full bond amount to the jail. Once this has processed, you will be released from jail under the condition you make it to all your court hearings. If your bail amount is too high for your family member to pay, they can also give the bondsman something as collateral, like the title to their home or car.

The bondsman pay the bail to the court for you, and then when you show up for your hearings, he will get this money back. The cosigner for your bond will not get their money back, however, as the percentage they pay will be the bondsman’s fee. If they gave the bondsman something for collateral, when you complete your court hearings they will be able to get the collateral back.

If you do not show for your hearings, the bondsman will not get his money back and the bond contract will be in default. This means that the cosigner is responsible for paying the bondsman the entire bond. If they gave the bondsman collateral, they can lose the collateral or have to come up with the money to cover the bond to get their collateral back.
It’s important to understand how Bail bonds in Mason City Iowa work before you are bonded out of jail. This way, when your family member works with a bondsman such as Contact Liberty Bail Bonds, you will know what you need to do to make sure that they don’t lose their money or the item they gave for collateral.

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