How Does a Die Grinder Work?

A die is a custom made tool that is used to make multiple copies of the same object, they can be understood if one thinks of a cookie cutter however, a die has both a top and bottom half. Die creation is a time consuming and meticulous job, the design of the die is such that it performs the function with minimum scrap. In the production of dies, the tool and die maker uses a die grinder fitted with various carbide burs, which are basically rotary files.

The die grinder is used, in cooperation with the carbide burs to polish and give final form to the surfaces of many objects. The bur is held in place by a collet which is a cylindrical holding device which does the same job as a drill chuck. Die grinders, although mostly used on metal can also be used to shape and smooth complex wooden or plastic parts, the die grinders are either straight or angled.

Die grinders, although often hand held can also be supplied to fit on a bench top. Many die grinders are operated by an air motor but they can just as well be electrically operated. As there are many variables, it is important that the grinder be purchased to support its primary purpose, the type of burs must be taken into account and the time allotted for the grinding process. If the grinder is not right for the task it can quickly fail.

Die grinders are rated using the no load speed RPM, revolutions per minute. No load speed is the revolutions of the bur when the tool is not under load. The RPM rating of the grinder must not exceed the rated RPM that the attached carbide burs are rated for, if this would be the case there is the potential of a shattered bur which poses a risk for the operator.

The RPM rating of the die grinder often determines its use. A grinder rated with a high RPM may be used with fine burs that are used for final polishing while lower speeds are used with coarser burs which are capable of removing more material quicker. The low speed grinders have higher horsepower and torque ratings. Get the cutting tools you need at Carbide Connection. We have a large selection of American Made Cutting Tools in stock available for immediate delivery.

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