How Does Invisalign Work?

by | Dec 28, 2011 | Dentistry

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In modern times, a beautiful smile is not only more important than ever, it is also more accessible. There are several invisalign Norfolk orthodontists that are able to use this particular method in order to straighten you teeth and make your smile more attractive. Straighter teeth and a bite that is more correctly aligned will not only improve your looks, it also has several functional benefits. It will aid in chewing and can even reduce decay and damage that is common when there are teeth that overlap or have irregular spacing. If you are interested in finding an invisalign Norfolk specialist, it is also important to understand a little bit about the process of invisalign and how it is used to straighten your teeth.

Like braces, invisalign is designed to correct various tooth misalignments. The benefit of this particular method is that, brackets or other uncomfortable and visible fixtures are not used. Rather, your teeth can reposition over time with aligners that are nearly invisible. When you visit a specialist to begin the process of invisalign, they will take an impression of your teeth. This impression is used to design a set of aligners that will be used throughout your treatment in order to gradually change the position of your teeth. Generally, treatment will require between twenty and thirty of these clear aligners. The aligners are designed to be removable so that you can eat, brush your teeth and floss without impediment, but they should be worn all day long, only being removed for short periods of time.

Throughout your treatment, you will have visits to the invisalign Norfolk specialist, who will monitor your progress and make necessary adjustments to your next set of aligners according to the progress and the movement of your teeth. The dentist or orthodontist will design your treatment plan according to your needs and how your mouth is responding to the changes. Generally, you will move to the next aligner approximately every two weeks, although it can be more or less frequent than this. As you follow the instructions of your specialist, you will find that your teeth do progress and that your smile is closer and closer to the goal alignment.

There are many reasons that people choose invisalign as their preferred method for teeth adjustment. While there may be some periods of minor discomfort, this method is considered to be overall very comfortable and simple. It is also a very easy procedure to go through and does not draw the same attention as other dental apparatus.

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