How Facebook monitoring Software Can Keep You and Your Family Safe

Social media is now used by a large number of people to reconnect with old friends and find new ones. If you or your children use Facebook on a regular basis, it is important to track the usage on a regular basis so you can ensure that your accounts are secure and that your children are safe. While you can do this manually, you can also use Facebook monitoring software to do this for you. Don’t make keeping yourself and your children safe on the Internet complicated. The following three items are all things you can use to track data and ensure you and your children don’t put your safety at risk when you are using social media. Consider employing software to help you if any of the following items are things you would like to track.

Keystroke Tracking
Having the ability to track the keystrokes that are used in an individual account can help you see what the user is searching for and what passwords are entered prior to logging in. This can help you track what the user is actively searching for and what conversations they may be having while online. Make sure you know what your children are doing by tracking their activity.

Browsing Time

If you want to limit the amount of time that you or your children spend on Facebook, it is a good idea to incorporate a software system that will keep track of the time that is spent actively browsing social media sites. Don’t let your children waste too much of their time by letting Facebook monitoring software keep track of all the time they spend online.

Screen Shots

If you want to see what your children are viewing when they browse, screen shots can be the perfect way to do this. Make sure your children aren’t looking at things that could potentially harm or endanger them. Monitoring software can take screen shots at custom intervals, and provide you with real time photos of what your child is viewing via their own social media account.

If you are ready to take charge of yours, and your child’s social media interaction, it may be time to contact IMView. They offer a full line of software tracking products, and they can help ensure that you and your children are safe when you are using the World Wide Web. Contact them today to see how affordable and easy it can be to monitor Facebook usage.

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