How Freight Forwarding Works

by | Dec 3, 2013 | Moving

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A freight forwarder does not actually move freight as the term may imply, a freight forwarder is company that acts as the intermediary between the companies or individual who wishes something shipped and the companies who actually do the shipping. In many cases the shipment can be destined for an overseas location. There are freight forwarders that specialize in providing designer delivery service in Los Angeles, these companies work to arrange the safe and secure movement of high value items such as collectibles, heirlooms, gallery art, etc.

Depending on the destination of the shipment, there may be a number of legalities and requirements that demand attention. As the shipper rarely has any experience or knowledge of these issues, the designer delivery service in Los Angeles can remove a formidable burden which has many hidden pitfalls.

The objective of a freight forwarder is to move goods and products to the correct destination, on time and in perfect condition. The shipping industry is not just a matter of trucks, planes, trains and ships going from one point to the other, it is also highly specialized with regards to the goods moved. It is fair to say that a shipping company that moves general cargo will not necessarily be the right choice when the goods are extremely fragile and expensive.

As freight forwarders have built up relationships over their time in business they are very aware of the needs of various shippers. If the goods are of such a standard that they require designer delivery services in Los Angeles, this can be arranged quite simply. In the event the cargo must move from one carrier to another prior to reaching the final destination, they know the correct companies to use for the complete move.

Not only do freight forwarders know the right companies to move delicate freight, they are also fully aware of all the other services that are required. Insurance, customs clearance and customs documentation are needed for all overseas shipments, these documents, as well as the bill of lading, risk assessment and payment methods are all part of the services that can be provided.

By using designer delivery services in Los Angeles, the shipper can relieve himself of untold hours and headaches and rest assured that the shipment will arrive safe and sound.

If you are shipping antiques, artwork or any other extremely valuable commodity you are well advised to use designer delivery services in Los Angeles. You are invited to contact ArtPACK to discuss your requirements.


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