How General Dentistry in Keizer, OR can Help with Lockjaw

Trismus, otherwise known as lockjaw, is a spasm of the masticatory muscles produced by irritative lesions of the central nervous system. However, dentists who practice in General Dentistry in Keizer, OR use the term to denote the contraction of muscle inflammation. It could also be a result of pathological processes of the teeth and surrounding tissues. Strictly speaking, trismus is a sign and a symptom that corresponds to its appearance. Various pathological processes affect not only their characteristics, but their treatment.

Etiological factors responsible include: infectious, traumatic, tumoral and general.

     *      Infectious

     *     The masticatory muscles are infiltrated by microorganisms without a conditioning reaction that sets a neuromuscular response.

     *     Traumatic

     *     Fractures of the jaws can, on occasion, cause trismus. This may occur by spasmodic muscle reaction due to trauma, such as fractures of the mandibular angle or branch. It could also be of a “mechanical nature,” which prevents displacement of the coronoid process. Burns in the retro-molar region could also be a reason behind lockjaw. Different degrees of trismus have been observed after the removal of third molars, especially when these are retained, and are the result of edema and trauma operative techniques. Studies show that those who seek General Dentistry in Keizer, OR because of trismus, notice that fracturing is found without producing painful contusions.

     *     Tumor

     *     Trismus is determined by the growth and characteristics of a tumor. Benign tumors may be caused by the expansive growth, which causes a mechanical limitation. In some cases, these tumors may become infected, adding a limitation of inflammation. In malignant tumors, infiltrative growth can take on masticatory muscles. It is in the case of malignant tumors where proper diagnosis of trismus is of paramount importance.

     *     General

     *     When it comes to Rheumatoid Arthritis, the underlying cause remains unknown. The onset of illness is usually insidious, with symptoms of fatigue, numbness and tingling of the extremities. General Dentistry in Keizer, OR also finds that joints become painful and swollen. In acute anemia and leukocytosis, invasion of the temporomandibular jaw joint receives increased attention. The first symptoms are: expression of anxiety, severe headache, trismus and neck stiffness.

Trismus is defined as a contraction of the masticatory muscles of varied etiology. Most issues subside with physiotherapy treatment. However, overall treatment is accompanied with muscle relaxers and analgesics. For more information, contact your local General Dentistry in Keizer, OR today.

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