How Harrisonburg Virginia Bankrupcy Lawyers Can Help You

by | Jan 14, 2014 | Lawyers

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Bankruptcy no longer carries the shame and stigma of the past. Nowadays it is about getting a fresh start with your financial condition, rebuilding your credit, or reorganizing your debt to make it manageable. It is recommended that anyone considering filing for any chapter of bankruptcy seek the advice of an attorney. Bankrupcy Lawyers have the legal knowledge to help you determine the course of action that suits your debt relief needs. How can lawyers help you?

1) Determine your eligibility – Every chapter of bankruptcy comes with a set of rules that regulate who is eligible to file for them. A lawyer can help differentiate the types of bankruptcy and show you which one will work for you. Not all cases of debt relief will qualify for any form of bankruptcy. Many lawyers can also offer you legal advice and help you find the best course of action if you do not qualify for bankruptcy.

2) Explain bankruptcy types – A lawyer will go into detail about the bankruptcy types so you can understand how it all works. The two most common forms of bankruptcy are Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Chapter 7 is a liquidation form of debt relief that discharges your debt. Chapter 13 is a restructuring debt relief solution that allows you to reorganize your debts making them manageable for you.

3) Stop creditor calls – If you are in debt to the point that you receive annoying creditor or collections calls at dinner time or at work, you can use bankruptcy to put an end to that problem. Your lawyer will make sure all your creditors and any collections agencies that are hounding you know you are filing for bankruptcy which legally stops them from contacting you.

4) Explain the downsides – Bankrupcy Lawyers will explain the downsides to bankruptcy which are different depending on the chapter you choose to file. For instance, Chapter 7 discharges debts, but you may have to sell some assets to satisfy certain debtors. It is also not a bankruptcy type for people with a decent income.

Since bankruptcy is different for each person, it is smart to enlist the services of an attorney. You risk nothing by requesting a free consultation to find out if this type of debt relief is suitable to your circumstances. Carlton Legal Services can determine if you qualify to file for bankruptcy and will help you with the process.



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