How Important Is It to Buy Certified Diamonds?

by | Jun 12, 2014 | Business

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Diamond jewelry is an investment. A highly graded diamond can cost thousands of dollars, and if you ever want to sell your jewelry you want to make sure you can get a return on your investment. When shopping for diamonds, you will notice that jewelry stores advertise certified and uncertified diamonds. Unless you’ve been studying the world of diamonds, you may not understand the difference between a certified and uncertified diamond, and whether or not you really need to purchase a certified diamond.

How a Diamond Is Certified

An independent laboratory, like the Gemological Institute of America, uses the cut, clarity, color, and carat of a diamond to determine the certification. Each component of a diamond is graded, and the fewer flaws that a diamond has the higher it gets graded. The institute then certifies that diamond, determining its worth. When you buy diamond jewelry, Tampa jewelers will give you a certificate that notes the worth and grade of your diamond.

If a diamond does not undergo the process of being evaluated by an independent laboratory, it’s considered an uncertified diamond. This doesn’t mean that the diamond is lesser quality or worth less, but it hasn’t gone through the proper procedures to determine its quality or worth.

Certification Guarantees Value

If you’re making a large investment, buying a certified diamond guarantees that you’re getting something valuable. When you purchase an uncertified diamond, you take a chance that you’re getting a diamond that’s not worth what you’re paying for it. The reason you want certification for a large diamond investment is because it makes it easier to resell the diamond in the future. People sell diamond jewelry for a variety of reasons, and it’s easier to get a return on your investment if you have the certification.

People who purchase diamond jewelry from Tampa estate sales or auctions often want to have the diamond appraised by a private appraiser. The appraiser will determine that the diamond matches the certificate, and this makes it easier for you to sell.

Certification Isn’t Necessary

Although many people prefer to purchase certified diamonds, it isn’t a necessity. You can purchase a perfectly fine diamond that’s not certified and still have a beautiful piece of jewelry. Certification is only necessary if you really want a guarantee that your diamond is valuable and of a high grade. When shopping for diamond jewelry, Tampa jewelers can show you both types of diamonds and let you decide what you like best.

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