How Invisalign In Virginia Beach Helps You

by | Apr 13, 2012 | Dentistry

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There are many ways that Invisalign in Virginia Beach can help you to feel more confident about your smile. There are many people who are hesitant to smile or laugh simply because they are self-conscious about the physical appearance of their mouth or teeth. There is no reason why any person should not feel confident about the appearance of their teeth. Not every person has to go through the process of getting metal brackets or braces to align his or her teeth properly. Invisalign can help to align teeth while remaining virtually invisible.

Braces are a tried and true method of aligning misaligned teeth. There are not a lot of people who absolutely love the appearance of braces. Adults in particular may be hesitant to get braces even if they need them merely because of the physical appearance that braces entail. Invisalign in Virginia Beach can offer the same aligning benefits as braces with a virtually invisible and custom-fitted aligner.

Clear aligners can be removed, unlike braces. Whenever you eat or brush your teeth, you remove the aligners to do so. The rest of the time, you keep the aligners on your teeth, even while sleeping. One of the best advantages to using something like Invisalign is that it is basically not noticeable, so people may not even realize that you have aligners in.

Aligners can also help in preventing gum disease or periodontal disease. Misaligned teeth can actually cause periodontal disease, so getting them properly aligned is a part of god oral health. Other issues such as bite problems or speaking difficulties can also be traced back to improperly aligned teeth. Getting your teeth properly aligned can help to improve speaking problems, chewing problems, sores at the mouth, and bite issues.

Invisalign in Virginia Beach can create custom-fitted aligners just for your teeth in order to achieve the results you desire. These clear aligners also do not come with food restrictions, as braces may. Treatment plans may involve wearing the aligners as much as possible throughout the day over the course of a year. After that, treatment is often complete and you can have the confident smile that you desire.

For many people, correcting alignment issues might seem like a dream. The thought of getting braces can make people apprehensive about seeing their dentist concerning misalignment of teeth. Invisalign in Virginia Beach can offer many of these people the chance to correct misalignment through clear aligners that can be removed for eating or brushing, and go basically unnoticed by other people. If you are concerned about your tooth alignment, you might inquire about Invisalign at your dentist.

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