How is Powder Coating Used?

by | May 7, 2019 | Industrial Equipment

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One of the most common ways to finish a surface is with powder coating. This type of surface treatment has exploded in popularity over the years. Now, there are more applications and formulas available to make the job easier. Powder coating is used on all types of objects. Find out why this treatment is so beneficial and how you can use it.

Powder Coating in a Nutshell

As the name suggests, powder coating involves coating a service with a powder-like substance. The fine powder that is used is primarily composed of polymer resin. It also contains traces of pigment. Once the mixture is heated up, it is ready to be applied as a surface layer. The result is a smooth surface that encapsulates the object. Powder coating can also be done in a variety of different colors and textures.

The Process in Detail

There are three major steps to using powder coating. Before you can use powder coating systems, you have to prepare the surface. This usually involves doing a thorough cleaning. Next, the surface is etched to allow for the coating to stick. The surface may be rinsed one more time to make sure no extra debris is left over.

Second, the surface is sprayed with the powder coating solution. Some smaller items may actually be submerged into a pool of solution. After this is done, the technician will apply finishers to make sure that the surface stays intact.

Finally, the surface must be given an opportunity to cure. This means that the powder must totally harden and dry out. This process is usually aided by the application of heat. High temperatures cause the powder coating to melt together into one solid piece. This also makes the surface more durable and penetration-resistant.

How It Benefits You

Using powder coating systems on your job offers several benefits. First, it provides a durable surface that can withstand daily contact. It also is a fairly safe substance to use because it does not emit a lot toxic chemicals. Finally, it is a very cost-efficient process that will save money in comparison to other surface treatments.

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