How Keeping the Garage Door Open Invites Break-Ins

Feb 13, 21 How Keeping the Garage Door Open Invites Break-Ins

Nowadays burglars do not go to the trouble of picking locks to gain entry into a home. The common practice for modern burglars is to enter a home in broad daylight through the main entrance, or through the windows or garage door. Most home owners use a remote operated electronic system to open their garages. Although these modern security systems provide convenience and a certain measure of security, they do have their limitations.

Most burglaries take place within 10 minutes; the thief is in and out of the home in a span of 8 minutes or so. If the alarm does go off, it would not deter a burglar with intent to rob you of whatever valuables he can lay hands on.

Burglars choose to do their business when a house is vacant. If you are going on a vacation or are usually out at work throughout the day, these are the times that burglars would strike. To keep your home protected from criminals, make sure to keep all exterior doors, windows and other entrances locked at all times with the help of Roberts Garage Door Professionals, as the doors should have a solid core construction of wood or be metal clad. Install heavy duty deadbolts to deter forced entry.

A garage door should be secured with a deadbolt or padlock and made of solid construction. A garage door is a preferred entry point as it can allow the burglar ready access to the rest of the house without being observed. Codes from older installations can be easily deciphered by “code sniffers”. Choose modern lock systems using rolling codes. Code sniffers can capture codes as soon as you operate the remote. With the code stored, the burglar can then use it from his own remote to open the garage door in your absence. He can gain access to your home without a single lock being picked and no signs of a break-in.

Many home owners make the mistake of keeping their garages open or not closing the door immediately after exit or entry. Keep your external doors, windows and garage entrance free from foliage so that burglars find it difficult to enter undetected. The front entrance should preferably be visible from the street or a public area. Install alarms and security cameras around the house. A dog is always a formidable asset for keeping burglars and criminals away from your property. Light up your property properly. Keep pet entrances, windows and doors secured, including your garage doors in Chicago. Chicago residents can contact local professionals for installing sturdy doors and locks on their property.

If you need a new garage door, Roberts Garage Door Professionals of Chicago, offers installation, service and repair of garage entrances.

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