How many sleeping Berths do I need?

Nov 15, 13 How many sleeping Berths do I need?

When purchasing your caravan you need to make the correct choice of internal layout. This will depend on how many people are sleeping in the caravan. You may only be taking the family on a quick weekend break from Maidstone to Margate, but what about if plan on taking friends on the next trip? It is worth reiterating that adults can sleep under an awning, so you may not need that monster caravan and correspondingly larger car. In the end it is up to decide and not the sales team at the dealership.

A good option is to choose a vehicle with a fixed double bed and a dining area which can be converted into a sleeping area. It sounds obvious but make sure that you measure the berths for size, some a can be a little cramped for a full grown adult. In addition be very keen on testing the cushions and bedding for comfort! If you have children consider a caravan with the appropriate number of dinettes.

The Kitchen

You need to check the situation and layout of the kitchen and ask questions such as:

  • Can people get passed the chef without hindrance?
  • Is the worktop and sink at a suitable height?
  • Can you open cupboards and doors without unbearable inconvenience?
  • Can you exit the vehicle quickly in the event of an emergency?

Modern caravan sales in Maidstone kitchens are normally designed with these questions in mind and are perfect displays of utility, functionality, organisation and ease of use. There are a few points to consider:

  • End kitchens mean more space in the living room but the entrance can become blocked, on the other hand you can get a clear view through the rear window when travelling
  • End kitchens can present balance issues, so you must take extra care when packing your vehicle, you do not want “tail-wag”
  • Corner and side kitchens offer a larger cooking surface, but the gangway through the caravan can become blocked by the chef as he or she is working.

Your budget will ultimately determine your choice; you need to ensure that when you are discussing options with the dealer’s sales team that you have enough storage and living space for your needs at a price you can afford, in short be prepared to compromise.

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