How Natural Is The Landscape Around Huntersville In North Carolina?

Back before the mid-1700’s; when people from Europe started to settle around what is now the town of Huntersville in North Carolina; the land was as nature made it. Since then; tremendous changes have been made to the landscape of this area.

Changing The Landscape

The settlers cleared much of the original vegetation to make way for their farms and plantations (mainly cotton; one of the most successful plantations covered 2,000 acres of land). They would not have called it that; but, what they were doing was re-landscaping the region. In some cases; the landscaping was done by slave labor; since there wasn’t a landscape contractor in Huntersville, NC back then.

The coming of the railroad in 1856 made further changes and allowed for the development of more towns and industry (particularly cotton mills). Cotton, as a Carolina industry has been replaced by other activities but growth has continued and an important factor in this was the coming of electricity.

Even The Rivers Got Landscaped

The Catawba River was part of the original, natural landscape; until power generation started to change it forever; first, around 1904, with relatively small dams for hydroelectric power and irrigation purposes. However, all types of power plant use a lot of water in their processes and more dams were needed for the thermal power plants and, with the coming of nuclear plant to the area; the need for water was huge. Hence today’s landscape where Huntersville is close to the giant, man made lakes of Lake Norman, Mountain Island Lake and Lake Wylie. These lakes are now considered a scenic part of the landscape and provide many recreational facilities for today’s inhabitants of the area. They were made by the power company; so, it is doubtful if they hired the landscape contractor in Huntersville, NC.

Golf Courses & Gated Communities

An 18 hole golf course makes considerable impact on the natural landscape as does clearing a big tract of land for development into a community of homes. Since both of these are relatively new developments; their design and layout would have been sub-contracted to a landscape contractor.

Your Own Backyard

Many people do not have time and inclination to undertake the landscaping and maintenance for their own residential property; but, nearly all wish for “nice” grounds surrounding their houses. That same landscape contractor for Huntersville, NC that handled the big contracts will also be available to provide you with garden planning, planting and upkeep; so, you can have the landscape you wish right in your own backyard.

Lawn Pro Of The Carolinas, LLC from neighboring Mooresville are the best people for you to contact when you need a landscape contractor in Huntersville, NC.

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